Winter Solstice Saturnalia Christmas Song

(Play the video while you read. Enjoy!)

This is my Winter Solstice Saturnalia Christmas Song to You.

Make this life a movie,

A movie in which You are the hero.

Make the soundtrack build;

Let it start soft, only a note,
















until it reaches the liminal limit,

Where the soul breaks the body,

Where the mind breaks down,

Where the notes build.


Throw yourself away,

Away from the shore,

Away from the jagged cliffs into the unknown.


Make Your life a movie

In which you are the hero,

And the chorus builds,

Notes double,

Pain in Creation,



Budding open.

Don't be afraid of the silence You grow into.


The Void is Your friend, Your home.

You are home.

Visit home at least twice a day,

So when You are out there playing,

You do not lose Yourself to the game.


Make Your life a journey,

A hero's tale in which You save the universe,

In which You save humanity,

In which You are the gift You've been Seeking.

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© Steven Sanfilippo